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We are a plastic company that specialises in creating plastic products that are ultra clean. We don't just do medical products, give us a call or use the form on the right to contact us. see how we can help your business. 

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Unit 5 Lancaster Court, Lancaster, Newborough Road
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Medical Moulded Products: Based in Burton-on-Trent. ISO Cleanroom Stardard, Injection Moulding Products for Medical, Hospital, Dental and Vetinary Use, Medical Device Overmoulding.

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Mixing Bowls

Medical Moulded Products: Plastic Mixing Bowls · Any Shapes and Colour · Kidney Dishes · Graduated Bowls · For Medical, Dental and Vetinary Use · Talk to us today

Mixing Bowls

Medical Moulded Products Ltd produce mixing bowls for medical, dental and vetinary use from customer owned bespoke tooling. We can produce mixing bowls in any shape required , square, round, oval as the tools to produce the mixing bowls are from your product design.

Mixing bowls can be manufactured up to 18cm2 and produced in any colour by the use of medical grade colourants available from our suppliers.
Mixing bowls can be produced in a wide range of materials, when choosing materials we can advise you on suitable selection based on your design. Mxing bowls can be single use or multi use although material selection is very important for multi use. We can advise on suitable materials that can go through a cleaning process.

From your own tooling we are happy to produce short runs, from 250 upwards. For larger volumes of mixing bowls tooling may need to be produced which is capable of producing more than one part at a time to meet the demand and also to get a more competitive unit price.
Mixing bowls are generally used at room temperature.

Medical Moulded Products produce mixing bowls using the latest CNC equipment, cleanrooms and well trained staff. We guarantee our customers the best quality from a supplier you can trust.