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We are a plastic company that specialises in creating plastic products that are ultra clean. We don't just do medical products, give us a call or use the form on the right to contact us. see how we can help your business. 

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Medical Moulded Products: Based in Burton-on-Trent. ISO Cleanroom Stardard, Injection Moulding Products for Medical, Hospital, Dental and Vetinary Use, Medical Device Overmoulding.


Plastic Spatulas

Medical Moulded Products: Plastic Spatula · Any Shapes and Colour · For Medical, Dental and Vetinary Use · Talk to us today

Plastic spatula

MMP manufacture plastic spatulas from medical grade polystyrene or any USP Class 6 materials suitable for use in surgery, dentistry or vetinary sectors. Plastic spatulas are used for mixing liquids or pastes and are manufactured to your own design from tooling owned by you and used exclusively for you. We can help you to design your plastic spatula if you need us to, we have years of experience in product design. 

You have the option of procuring your own plastic spatula tooling, we will discuss tool design with the toolmaker if you need us to, or you can purchase tooling for plastic spatulas and other products through MMP, in which case we take full responsibility for the tool design, tool manufacture from order to approval of plastic spatula samples. 

Plastic spatulas are usually single use products. Plastic spatula tooling can be made as multi impression in order to keep the plastic spatula cost competitive on high volume production runs. However, we are also happy to produce small runs of plastic spatulas from 500 upwards.

Plastic spatulas in most medical grade materials are usually used at ambient temperatures although high heat grades are available should you require plastic spatulas for use at elevated temperatures. Medical Moulded Products Ltd use the latest equipment, monitored cleanrooms and well trained staff to produce all our products, from plastic spatulas to instrument trays. We pride ourselves on our quality and service from a supplier you can trust.